Rendering industrial asset management solutions as a whole

Preventive Maintenance

Enhancing the longevity of equipment through timely intervention

Value Added Services

Providing diverse value & meeting corporate needs at the right cost

Our focus is on minimizing maintenance costs and optimizing plant availability, with the emphasis on safety. We firmly believe in maintaining an absolutely safe working environment. Towards this end, our Safety Department continuously trains, motivates and audits the sites where our employees work. This is facilitated by well-established systems, procedures, manuals and work instructions. We also extend our support services to pre-commissioning, erection and commissioning of power plants, and shutdown services. We provide clients with performance-based operation and maintenance services or only maintenance services on a turnkey basis—all of which result in:

  • Optimum plant availability
  • Minimization of maintenance cost
  • Optimization of inventory
  • Reduced downtime and surprise breakdowns

We operate a number of power plants, both captive and independent ones, at various level of engagement. Our emphasis is on rendering industrial asset management solutions as a whole rather than offering standalone measures. Clients too welcome such a holistic approach as it helps them to focus on the core areas of the business.

Our focus is on:

  • Day-to-day operations, including production planning, estimation, scheduling and execution
  • Plant performance monitoring, diagnostics and efficiency enhancement
  • Technology evaluation and spares management
  • Health, safety and environment management
  • Asset management planning
  • Site management and house keeping
  • Energy management and emission reduction strategies; logistics; procurement; and subcontractor management

Hofincons has made a name for itself for its role in assisting clients generate power at lower operating cost while at the same time enhancing the longevity of their equipment through timely intervention and quality maintenance.

Our focus is on:

  • AMC in mechanical, electrical & instrumentation
  • Management and evaluation of maintenance contracts, including SLAs
  • Plant performance and efficiency enhancement
  • Comprehensive maintenance of facilities, plant equipment and utilities
  • Annual maintenance and overhauling
  • Remote monitoring from expert centers
  • Provision of spare parts, tools and tackles, mobile equipment and consumables
  • Repair and refurbishment of major components
  • Subcontractor management/maintenance performance, productivity analysis and reporting

We have a proven track record to attract and mobilize qualified manpower resources to meet the requirements of clients in the areas of mechanical, electrical & instrumentation. Our trained and skilled personnel are fully capable of executing tasks to the satisfaction of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Plant staffing/Secondment of skills
  • Condition monitoring
  • Shutdown services
  • Safety –Training and auditing

We maintain high safety standards and deliver quality services on time and within budget. As part of our Continuous Improvement Initiative, we conduct safety training programmes and audits to our employees as well as those of our clients. Safety reviews are conducted on a regular basis both at sites and administrative offices as proactive measures.