Project profile on Stock item specification upgrade & Coding review at NIGERIA LNG LTD., NIGERIA

Nigeria LNG Ltd has appointed Hofincons Infotech& Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd., to carry out major upgrade of Line Items Specifications and Review Local MESC Coding to Identify Centrally Coded items for the Nigeria LNG plant located at Bonny Island, Rivers State, Nigeria.


  • The scope of work is to carry out Major upgrade of Line Item Specifications and review Local MESC Coding to Identify Centrally Coded Items for the Nigeria LNG Plant located at Bonny Island, Rivers State at Nigeria.
  • Complete review of Nigeria LNG Ltd materials catalogue comprising of approximately 16,000 items.
The above-mentioned scope of work is being carried out on site at Bonny Plant Complex, Bonny Island at Nigeria.


The following methodology is being followed by Hofincons for the above mentioned scope of work:
  • Collection of the existing database
  • Scanning the individual items and segregating them as A Group – Items that have sufficient data, which need not require any updating and B Group – Items that requires data collection
  • Populating A group items in respective tool.
  • Preparing and segregating the data collection sheets for the B Group items.
  • Formatting of required information as per the hierarchy for B Group items.
  • Data collection and compilation for the above task from the sources like SPIR / delivery Documents / Data Equipment manuals / OEM and user etc.
  • Identify and resolve wherever multiple MESC entries for the same part number.
  • Identifying the Duplicate items.
  • Verifying and Updating for any links required between spares and equipment.
  • Advising wherever necessary for the relocation of spares.
  • QA / QC as required.
  • Draft submission for review and approval (intermittent)
  • Update if any changes required.
  • Final QA / QC
  • Final Submission of database.

The Project duration for carrying out the entire scope at Nigeria LNG was 10 Months.


  • Project Manager : 1
  • Team Leader : 1
  • Consultants : 3

The project deliverables are as follows :
  • The updated database
  • The MESC Item Code, wherever the group has been changed
  • The duplicate list
  • The list of relocation of spares.

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