Successful Materials cataloguing using HOFINCONS Software Tool– CDK (line based) and Interface with ENGICA Q4 CMMS at SEMBAWANG UTILITIES PTE LTD., SINGAPORE

Sembawang Utilities Pte Ltd Singapore awarded a contract to Hofincons, Chennai, India to develop Materials Coding & Cataloguing, implementation of Catalogue Software tool, interfacing and porting the data into their Engica CMMS materials system. It is one of the Sembawang group of companies located at Singapore.


  • Materials Coding and Cataloguing of 5000 line items
  • Installation and Implementation of Catalogue Development Kit (CDK)
  • Interfacing and data porting to SUT Engica Q4 materials system
  • KKS number link with new material code to Engica Q4 stock


  • Obtain inventory master from SUT
  • Consolidation and grouping of stock items
  • Review the stock items for any data missing
  • Data collection for missing information
  • Collect list of parent equipment and spare parts
  • Collect list of KKS number to link with new material code
As per Hofincons 10 digit Coding structure, the classification of main group, sub group and sub-sub group was done for all the equipment spares and general consumable available at SUT.

Using Catalogue development software tool, the entire materials catalogue was done for 5000 items. After material group classification, the unique item number assigned for every item with detailed buying description, part number, drawing number. The system has the facility to cross-refer the item having similar nature of items.


  • Main group allocation list in Hardcopy and with CDK software
  • Coding Schedule in Hardcopy and with CDK software
  • Materials Catalogue in Hardcopy and with CDK software
  • Cataloguing procedures for future coding and cataloguing
  • Complete CDK along with Materials Catalogue in Compact Disc.
  • CDK User Manual
  • Installation and Interfacing of CDK with Engica Q4 Materials System
  • KKS number linking with material code table to download into Engica Q4 stock
  • Demonstration and User training


  • Technical description covering international standards for materials and maintenance personnel reference; Buying description for effective purchasing
  • Enhanced interchangeable linking scheme for spares
  • Effective cross reference for similar consumable items
  • Prevention of inventory swelling by eliminating duplicate items
  • Uniformity of units of measurement to avoid inventory miscalculation
  • Equipment spares linked to parent equipment through tag numbering in line based description for easy searching, identification and navigation inside the catalogue
  • System provides a unique group, sub group and sub-sub group classification and also allows user to view, add & modify the existing ones.
  • It facilitates the user to select the items from the codes assigned by navigating the pop-up box on any criteria given in combination with one another or separately to fetch records with equipment related spares
  • System allows user to view, add & modify the item specification and item description
  • System allows user to generate report on the selected material group and material code
  • System allows user to port the item code, short description and long description on selection to any other Materials System.

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