Successful "Updation & Upgrading Maintenance data for SAP R/3 Compliance" at QATAR PETROLEUM, QATAR Qatar Petroleum Project


Qatar Petroleum (previously known as Qatar Gas & Petroleum Corporation) was established in 1974, as a national corporation completely owned by the State of Qatar. Qatar Petroleum is responsible for all oil and gas industry processes in Qatar and abroad, including exploration and drilling for oil, natural gas and other Hydrocarbon substances, production, refining, transport and storage of the aforementioned substances and any of their derivatives and by-products, as well as trading in, distribution, sale and export of these substances

Qatar Petroleum was using TEROMAN Computerized Maintenance Management System software (CMMS) to provide equipment information and work management requirements to the Maintenance and Production departments of Qatar Petroleum Facilities namely NGL plants Mesaieed, Cathodic Protection Stations and Gas Distribution Station in & around Doha.

Proposed Project Requirement

Qatar Petroleum procured SAP R/3 4.6c version and required all its data to be converted for SAP Compliant. This assignment required reviewing the existing database and eliminating duplication, obsolete equipment & related spares and adding additional equipment.

Hofincons has developed Maintenance Asset Register, Developing Maintenance Strategy by using leading edge techniques, populating the Interim Database (IDB) for the equipment. This involved adding new data and updating for eventual uploading it into SAP.

Hofincons consultant reviewed existing database, eliminate duplication & obsolete equipment, adding additional equipment. Hofincons is also identifying the requirement for developing Maintenance Asset register.

Project Plan

The project involved development of Maintenance Strategy by using leading edge techniques & software tools such as IDEF0, HighBuild, Criticality Software, RCM, RBI, and RSA etc. Establishing Asset Management Plan, Developing and Asset register or Master Tag List. Hofincons consultants updated present plant & engineering drawings and provide training to Qatar Petroleum engineers.

Hofincons conducted the Gap Analysis followed by.
  • Hierarchy Build,
  • Strategic Maintenance,
  • Creation of Work Specifications was carried out.
  • Data Transfer procedure for data to be transferred & uploaded to SAP.
  • Develop Quality Plan.
  • Update Drawings, Plots, AutoCAD files.
  • Asset verification methods.
Project Deliverables
  • Strategic Audit
  • Business Improvement Plan
  • Functional & Equipment Criticality Analysis.
  • Creation of work specification & routines that are SAP compliant.
  • Developing Maintenance schedule, shutdown work specification,
  • Spares identification and carry out Risk Spares Analysis.
  • Document Collection, Data review, maintenance strategy formation,
  • Data collection,
  • Updating all maintenance related data and drawings,
  • Data Transfer and Data QA / QC review and final document with cleaned data.
  • Asset verification.
  • Documentation Updates.
  • Updating Maps, Projects List,
  • Equipment Hierarchy.
  • Functional & Equipment Criticality Analysis.
  • Maintenance Optimisation. Materials – Spare Parts,
  • Shutdown Services,
  • Strategic Audit. Asset Management Plan.
  • Software tools used for best practices and provide training to client engineers.

Project Benefits

Data clean up and data being converted SAP compliant for the SAP system to be effective and it is ON LINE from the date one of system take off. Indeed, it will help QP for KPI’s monitoring for better performance, reliability and availability etc. can be analyzed systematically.

This project leads to success of Functional implementation of SAP system, hence the overall business operation will improve. Only the data will drive the system successfully, which will have guidelines of KPI’s for better operations performance.


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