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What are Assets?

Assets are required for the overall function of an organization and are critical to every organization's performance. In case of process industries, which run 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, the need for upkeep of Assets is of prime importance. Thus, management of Assets is the top-most priority for the performance and growth of the industry.

Maintenance, which has been a non-core area for a process plant, is an integral area, which has to be looked in for better plant performance. Maintenance of equipment is of primary importance for every process plant. Hofincons ensures that these equipments are maintained well so that the plant is available for production.

In the past, companies have been dedicating more time, manpower and cost on maintaining these equipment to make them functional. Over a period of time the competition in the market place has forced companies to focus their attention on assets and subsequently production; outsourcing has come into the fray.

This emerging and alarming scenario has necessitated a paradigm shift. Companies are now implementing outsourcing to a professional organization; thereby they can concentrate more on the core areas of the business and expansion to provide better, quality and competitive products to their customer.

The change is one of perspective - overall plant health rather than individual assets. Proactive, not reactive; preventive, not breakdown. There is now an intense need to look at or treat industrial asset management solutions as a whole rather than as isolated asset or equipment related problems.

Hofincons is the pioneer in providing asset management services to a variety of clients from steel to ceramics industries for the past 28 years.




Hofincons is one of the leading Power Plant Operation & Maintenance / Maintenance (O&M / M) Service Providers in India. We, in Hofincons are providing Operation & Maintenance / Maintenance (O&M) services to Power Sector for Generating more than 2,000MW Power in India located across length & breadth of the country

Maintenance Services of Power Plants in India

We are also providing Maintenance Assistance Services to Mega Power Plants. Our Maintenance Services includes Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation Maintenance of Boiler, Turbine & its auxiliaries and Balance Of Plant.

Types of Power Plants under our O&M Services

Our service range includes various types of Power Plant like Coal based Thermal Power Plants, Gas Based Power Plant, Waste Heat Recovery Boilers, and Co-Generation Power Plants. We are handling both AFBC & CFBC Boilers in Thermal Power Plants and supporting our clients on 24x7 basis. We operate Number of Power Pants , both Captive  Power Plants (CPP) & Independent Power Producer (IPP).

Hofincons Credentials: Power Plant O&M   

We have Top Power Plant Professionals in excess of  750 people on board across India at our various sites. We are fully committed to deliver our client requirements time to time and are looking up to add more Client portfolio in the days to come. As a service provider, we do understand our Promises to deliver quality service at client premises is paramount to our success.

We shall continue to assist clients generate Power at lesser Operating Cost while enhancing life cycle of their Properties (equipments) through our timely and Quality Maintenance. After all, our longitivity in the industry stands  Testimonial to our Power Plant O&M / M credentials.

Are you looking at your Service Partner with above qualifications for your Power Plant?If Yes, We are just a phone call away. 




Performance based Maintenance Contract Services

Companies are facing stiff challenges from their competitors in terms of cost, quality, technology and market position. In view of this, the companies are thrusting more responsibilities on the vendors and service providers to reap maximum benefits in terms of quality and quantity. Thus companies are looking for vendors / service providers who can take up complete ownership of the equipment / assets of their plant.

Hofincons provides its clients with Performance-based Operation & Maintenance Services or only Maintenance Services on a turnkey basis, which results in:

∞ Optimum Plant availability
∞ Minimization of Maintenance Cost
∞ Optimization of Inventory
∞ Reduced Downtime and Surprise Breakdowns

Are you looking for cost reduction? If yes, we are here to serve you!




Hofincons prepares shutdown maintenance work procedures for all equipment and facilities for rotating equipment and static equipment in Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation areas.

Hofincons performs the following activities related to shutdown procedures:

* Collect the required data for preparing shutdown procedures
* Compile the required data from various sources like existing procedures, manuals and equipment tag list. Feed the data into a software tool
* Prepare shutdown specifications for mechanical, electrical and instrumentation based on data collected, client business plans, maintenance policy and discussions with the client.
* Prepare turnaround schedule, equipment type-wise, based on agreement with client
* Review and revise turnaround procedures
* Based on data gathered, Hofincons assigns crafts, man-hour duration, spares and tools required for each shutdown procedure
* While writing shutdown checks, Hofincons identifies problematic equipment and shut down-sensitive equipment. This is based on Functional and Equipment Criticality Analysis carried out.
* Hofincons also outlines shutdown network logic
* During the process, Hofincons also develops ‘what-if’ scenarios and turnaround library list of all the equipment, grouped by plant / unit / system / system group / maintainable group
* Hofincons outlines safety and permit system for each shutdown procedure
* Based on cost data compiled, Hofincons outlines budget cost estimate per scenario
* All the above activities are also checked for quality
* Finally, Turnaround Report is compiled




The following tasks were performed:

* Equipment Audit with Reference to Usability and Maintainability
* Spares Audit and Review
* Refurbishment Supervision and Approval
* Failure Analysis and Modification Recommendations
* Commissioning
* Satisfactory completion of the job




Hofincons has provided support for Pre-Commissioning, Erection and Commissioning:


Pre-commissioning of electrical plant involved tests like polarity, cable marking and phase rotation tests, system resistance measurements, checking of lock-out and tag-outs, energization sequences and dielectric withstand tests and no-load tests which were performed.


Consultancy Support Services were provided for inspection of Civil Works at client site for ensuring parity with the erection procedures and refurbishment activities.

Hofincons will conduct a detail study in coordination with client, to determine and benchmark the effect of any process and engineering changes.

Support Services were provided for locating the Equipment / Machineries at the designated areas as per the process flow

Interconnections w.r.t Mechanical / Electrical / Instrumentation were compared, installed, and inspected with the original drawings


Post-commissioning procedures were followed.

The condition monitoring parameters for each equipment were checked and corrected to allowable safe limits. These readings were established as the base line for reference.

The final test runs / load tests were conducted to confirm satisfactory performance.




Utilities provide regular supply of air, water and power in a process plant for normal functioning. Hence the utilities must be maintained to ensure the performance of the main plant. Utility Management is a key area in process plants. Currently, Hofincons carries out operation and maintenance of utilities including Waste Water Treatment Plant to many process and engineering industries.




Hofincons supports the clients by providing Technical Experts for their requirements in maintenance. These experts provide technical guidance by diagnosing the problems and helping the clients to arrive at a cost-effective solution. These specialists have proven expertise in the following areas:

Assistance in Refurbishment works
Support / Supervision for Shutdown services
Support for Inspection of components and plant
Support for Vibration Checking & Analyzing

Shop Balancing & In-situ Balancing




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