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The products listed out here are as follows:

O&M Services
Integrated Asset Management Services
Performance based Maintenance Contract Services
Plant Improvement Programs
Shutdown support services
Relocation And Refurbishment of Used plants
Support for Precommissioning, Erection and Commissioning
Utility Management Services
Secondment of specialists.
Technology & Consulting 
Maintenance Services
MASE: Maintenance Audit and System Effectiveness
FBD (Functional Block Diagram)
Hi-build (Hierarchy Build)
FECAS (Functional and Equipment Criticality Analysis Software)
H-RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance software)
Materials Services
MEET - Materials Effectiveness Evaluation Tool
LCMS - Line-text catalogue management software
ACMS - Attribute based catalogue management software
RSA - Risk Spares Analyzer
SPOT - Spare parts optimization tool
E-BOM - Electronic Bill of materials
Training Needs Analysis
Training on Modern Concepts & Strategies (Maintenance & Materials)
Training in maintenance skills and knowledge for technicians and operators

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