Successful CMT Catalogue Conversion at QATAR PETROLEUM, QATAR


Qatar Petroleum (QP) is the state owned oil & gas exploration, production and refining company in Qatar. QP maintains an inventory of 140,000 line items at its various warehouses for maintenance of facilities equipment. This inventory is managed with EMA 3000 a Shell developed versatile Materials Management System. The catalogue of buying descriptions of these items was maintained in line-text form using the Shell MESC system. With the advent of formatted text and the development of a Catalogue Management Tool (CMT) by Shell, QP decided to convert the buying descriptions. QP awarded the contract for catalogue conversion to CDC-Hofincons


The project was executed at QP premises with a team strength of 14 members over a duration 12 months. The project was split into four phases namely Evaluation Phase, System Setup Phase, Conversion Phase and Confirmation of Data Integrity Phase. Evaluation Phase comprised review of templates, reference documents, units of measure etc and listing the appropriate modifications / additions to be incorporated. All these modifications / additions were entered into CMT in the system setup phase. Conversion Phase involved the actual transfer of data to the appropriate fields the formatted and unformatted item screens in CMT. During transfer errors in the existing data and coding logic were corrected. Duplicates were also identified. For interchangeable spare parts, cross-referencing was done. The data that was transferred into CMT was then checked for errors as per a detailed QA/QC Plan prior to submission to QP.


The hallmarks of the assignment were timely execution and high level of data quality


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