Hofincons Infotech and Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd (HIISL) was founded in 1978 as a maintenance & materials consulting and training company, then under the name of Howard Finley Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd. From modest beginnings, the company progressed in its capabilities and established a strong market presence in India and the Middle East. In 1987, the company perceived the opportunity to add on contract maintenance services to its portfolio, which led to several contract jobs in the subsequent years. During this time, the computerization of asset maintenance activities was well underway and the company developed an IT focus and subsequently an IT specialty as well. This led in 1995 to the formation of Hofincons Industrial Services Ltd (HISL) and Hofinsoft Services Ltd (HSL).

HISL focused on consulting and field asset management services while HSL focused on asset management software development and a range of IT services for its clients. In 1996, HISL raised its first round of external funds by inviting ICICI Ventures to take an equity stake in the company. HSL too followed suit in 1997 again with participation from ICICI Ventures. In 1998, the company management and ICICI Ventures determined that in order to derive the maximum synergy and focus on Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) strategy, the two companies, HISL and HSL should be merged. In 1999, HIISL was created to emerge as a single-point source for Industrial Asset Management services in IT-enabled Consulting, Operation & Maintenance and Training.

In October 2006 Hofincons Infotech and Industrial Services Pvt Ltd was acquired by Transfield Services. Transfield Services is a leading international provider of operational, maintenance, asset management and project management services to a number of industries. The backing of Transfield Services has increased the scope of Hofincons provision of service to its clients as well as introducing it to a number of new potential clients.


Transfield Services delivers essential services to key industries in the resources and industrial, property and infrastructure sectors. A leading global provider of operations, maintenance, and asset and project management services, Transfield Services has more than 28,000 employees in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, India, Malaysia, Chile and New Caledonia. Transfield Services Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.


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