Document Management Services

Documents management is to control organization’s document for its asset lifecycle from conceptual design to decommissioning. By implementing document management system, one can create, review, store and manage in the centralized system, which will enable organization to,
  • Reduced time spent on search & retrieve the required document
  • More transparent, reliable, sharable data across the teams and groups from different geographical and organization boundaries
  • Time spent on maintaining the documentation records reduced
  • Improved data management
  • Enhanced security by providing appropriate access to appropriate peoples
bullet Data & Document integration Management
bullet Plant survey and As Built preparation
bullet Maintenance manual and reference plan development

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Data & Document integration Management

The integration of asset data with their technical documentation is one of the key areas to improve asset management performance. The integration management goes hand to hand along asset lifecycle whereby documents generated at each phase of the asset lifecycle including conceptual design to decommissioning stages are captured, categorized and maintained in a controlled environment.  This will substantially improve management of engineering design out changes and also facilitate documents requirements during regular and emergency maintenance.

Hofincons DDIM easy-to-use tool can address data – document integration requirements for leading ERP/CMMS such as SAP, Maximo, JD Edwards, Pacer etc., The tool having following capabilities,

Data warehousing -  Act as central repository to capture Vendor documentation, Material related information, Test certificates, Engineering documentation, 2D drawings such as P&ID, PFD, Single line diagrams, Instrument Loop Diagrams etc.,

Metadata repository  - Categorize and maintain metadata such as Type of document, Drawing no,  revision no, Package vendor related information etc.,

Association to equipment – Asset – Document relationship maintained by associating the documents to asset number of ERP/ CMMS system. The asset information from ERP/CMMS synchronized by batch updation, whereby integrity and consistency between the database can be maintained. One documents can be associated with multiple assets and vice versa. For example P&ID associated to all the corresponding assets of the particular P&ID where as Compressor or Pump related with multiple documents.

Cross referencing across documents – Many project documents having reference with external documents. The cross referencing of document facilitates to manage Engineering change management efficiently 

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Plant survey and As Built preparation

Oil & Gas facilities often uses multiple version of engineering drawings as concurrent project are executed by multiple contractors. This leads to various version of source document with its own modifications. Hence it is necessary to consolidating updates and validates the changes by Plant survey, which will reflect as “AS-BUILT” status.

Hofincons having wealth of expertise in length of services in asset management help organization in delivering high quality As-Built Drawings.

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Maintenance manual and reference plan development

Nowadays there is a growing demand on EPC contractors to provide all maintenance related information of the facilities under construction. EPC organization finding it difficult on sourcing specialized resources to complete the requirement with their tight project timeline.

Hofincons deploys subject matter experts having exposure in complete asset life cycle capable of organizing and preparation of maintenance manuals and reference plan developments.

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