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The effectiveness of ERP/CMMS system greatly depends on the consistency and integrity of the data resides within the system. Hofincons has been involved in implementation of many leading ERP / CMMS solutions in different industrial sectors, like refineries, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, abrasives, steel, cement, fertilizers and power. Companies seeking excellence in data management, but tied-down with the routine tasks, will be benefited from Hofincons experienced services on master data preparation activities.

bullet Gap analysis on Existing CMMS data quality & Improvement plan
bullet Support services for CMMS implementation
bullet Development of Asset Register
bullet Functional analysis using Functional Block Diagrams (FBD)
bullet Equipment Hierarchy Build
bullet Vendor & Service Master development

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Gap analysis on Existing CMMS data quality & Improvement plan

Gap analysis helps organizations to understand the requirements and analyze data quality for setting up more meaningful and efficient database while migrating from legacy system to the proposed new system.

Gap analysis broadly covers on

  • Adequacy of legacy data structure and definition and it’s suitability to the proposed system’s environment
  • Quality of the data resides in the legacy system
  • Identification of data migration requirement
  • Develop way forward to bridge the data gap

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Support services for CMMS / ERP implementation

The advantages of implementing ERP/CMMS in an organization are:
  • Increased Equipment Availability, due to better planning
  • Increased Equipment Reliability through the identification of repetitive faults
  • Better Stock control, giving reduced inventory levels and fewer stockouts
  • Better Maintenance cost control
  • Improved Safety by providing detailed standard job procedures

Hofincons will assist in:

  • Selection of the best ERP/CMMS, depending upon the budget, usage
  • Review business process and suggest for Customization of the ERP/CMMS
  • Aggregation, organization and Migrating relevant data to ERP/CMMS involves Data cleansing and Data enrichment services
  • Training the users in data input for future modifications/expansion

Benefits of outsourcing the implementation of ERP / CMMS are:

  • Enormous data is to be fed into the system, which should be error-free and relevant for proper usage of the ERP/CMMS sytem
  • Being first time implementer, most of the organizations are facing difficulties in organizing and understanding the functional requirement of data into the system. Hofincons data experts guide and proven data extraction methodologies benefit smooth implementation
  • Hofincons is the organization doing implementation of ERP/CMMS for the last 25 years across industrial domains ranging from refineries, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, abrasives, steel, cement, fertilizers, power etc.,
  • Hofincons is having rich experience in the implementation of SAP, Maximo, Oracle EAM, JD Edwards etc.

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Development of Asset Register

Plant asset register is a basic building block for Asset management system such as CMMS / ERP. Using asset information data, the life cycle of the asset from the installation through operational life time to disposal can be traced.

The tag number represented in the plant asset register is structured in accordance to the tagging standard of the organization. Asset register includes typical asset related information such as functional description, where it fits in, Manufacture related information, it’s cost related data to calculate the deprecation and life cycle cost and other reference information such as PI&D no, drawing no etc.,

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Functional analysis using Functional Block Diagrams (FBD)

Functional Block Diagrams represent in a systematic way the interaction between various systems in a complex manufacturing / processing facility. Higher the complexity and the interaction between systems, higher is the usefulness of FBDs. The functional models shall assist in identifying the functional boundaries in terms of “Process”, or functional characteristics.  This approach helps to identify equipment, which support a common function.

Development of FBD helps SAP Asset Multi Dimensional structure by:

  • Establishing Vertical Hierarchy structure of the Asset register
  • Creating Horizontal structure represented by Object Network

Functional block diagrams developed using KBSI AIØ WIN 7 (IDEF0) software tool, which indicate the input, output & constraint mechanisms at each functional level. The top-level functions are progressively drilled down into sub functions explaining all interdependencies.


  • Establishes inter relationship and improved visibility of functions, which will facilitates for functional criticality analysis
  • Drives equipment hierarchy development
  • Object linking helps to define the effect of shutting down of supply systems on individual objects

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Equipment Hierarchy

  • For the preventive maintenance routines to be efficient, each asset in an operating plant is to be arranged in hierarchical fashion, with clearly defined parent–child relationship.
  • Hofincons proprietary software Hi Build helps to organize the maintenance function in an efficient way, giving an overall perspective of the requirements.
  • Aided by a well-defined Hierarchy build, Maintenance planning & scheduling becomes much more organized, efficient and effective especially in a computerized maintenance management environment.


  • The parent–child relationship established for all the plant equipment, which will facilitate Roll-up and Drill down cost analysis
  • This is the basis for the Maintenance group allocation, which will help in optimized issues of PM work orders.


A software to define the parent-child relationship of different equipment in a plant 

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Vendor & Service master development

Vendor Master Development

The vendor master database caters information for both Purchasing and Accounting functions and it contains the data of all vendors that a company conducts business with, to serve an efficient procurement process.

The vendor master requirement will differ from company to company depending on the software solution in use. Hofincons with its wide experience in various materials management software (ERP / CMMS), will study the existing system, and develop a structured vendor master that suits the opted Materials management software. Hofincons intelligence number classifies and groups the vendor by commodity of material supplied, country, name’s prefix alphabet etc.

Benefits of vendor master

  • A Sourcing document for procurement
  • Provides approved vendor list
  • Minimizes Internal procurement lead-time
  • Facilitates right and prompt purchase
  • Paves the way to vendor rating and supply chain concepts

Service Master Development

Service master is a repository of description of all services which serves as source of data for creating service specification / requirements. Being implemented properly, this will improve consistency, reduce errors and save time and effort of tailor made service specifications.

Hofincons expertise in understanding and interpreting data pertaining to contracts / procurement domains on plant shutdown and asset life cycle support organization on the following avenues

  • Development of Service master records
  • Development of Model service specifications
  • Data migration, standardization and normalization of service specifications

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